Frontiers in Spectroscopy

Chemical Physics 880.01 and 880.02

Winter 2010

Instructor: Terry A. Miller  Phone: 292-2569 
Office: 18 Celeste Lab  email:

Course Description: This course will provide students with an overview of topics on the frontier of spectroscopic research. It will exploit internationally renowned lecturers, as well as outstanding OSU faculty, to cover topics ranging from very fundamental to quite applied. General areas to be covered will include fundamental characteristics of molecular quantum structure, electromagnetics, new experimental techniques, remote sensing, ultra-high sensitivity analytical techniques, astrophysical applications, etc. It is planned that the course will be offered multiple times, with topics and speakers varying with each offering. The lecturers for the upcoming Winter quarter are listed below.

A new feature of ChemPhys 880 this year is a one hour "pre-lecture" discussion period led by an OSU faculty member. It is designed to help orient students to the readings, which they are expected to have read prior to the pre-lecture. Unless otherwise indicated, the pre-lecture will be held in 2015 McPherson at 5pm on the Tuesdays of the weeks with lectures.

Each topic will be covered by lectures on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9:00-10:18AM, in MP2015.

Thursdays discussions (for students only) will begin at 9:00-10:18AM on Thursdays in MP2015.

Prerequisites: a previous spectroscopy course at OSU in Chemistry or Physics or prior permission of the instructor

Required Text: None; suggested articles for reading will be supplied prior to the lecture on a given topic.

All readings and lecture notes will be kept current on Carmen. If you were enrolled for Frontiers this quarter, you have your normal student login and password. If you are an advisor or post-doc and would like access to the readings and notes, email Becky Gregory,, and she will arrange for a login and password for this site.

List of speakers and dates scheduled:

January 5 - 5pm-6pm in 2015 McPherson Lab - Pre-Lecture discussion by Anne McCoy
January 6-8 John Tully, Yale University

January 26 - 5pm-6pm in 2015 McPherson Lab - Pre-Lecture discussion by Brenda Winnewisser
January 27-29 Brooks Pate, University of Virginia

February 16 - 5pm-6pm in 2015 McPherson Lab - Pre-Lecture discussion by Terry Miller
February 17-19 Scott Kable, University of Sydney

Preliminary lecture topics:

Recommended Material
Roaming Atoms and Radicals: A New Mechanism in Molecular Dissociation by Arthur G. Suits, Accounts of Chemical Research 2008.
The Roaming Atom: Straying from the Reaction Path in Formaldehyde Decomposition by Bowman et al, Science 2004.
Photodissociation of acetaldehyde as a second example of the roaming mechanism by P. L. Houston and S. H. Kable, 2006.
Roaming is the dominant mechanism for molecular products in acetaldehyde photodissociation by Bowman et al, PNAS 2008.
Other Suggested Readings
Two-Dimensional Fluorescence (Excitation/Emission) Spectroscopy as a Probe of Complex Chemical Environments by Scott Kable et al, J. Phys. Chem. A Letters, 2006.
Laser-induces fluorescence and dispersed fluorescence spectroscopy of jet-cooled 1-phenylpropargyl radical by Kable et al, J. Chem. Phys. 2009.
Spectroscopic Identification of the Resonance-Stabilized cis- and trans-1-Vinylpropargyl Radicals by Timothy Schmidt et al, JACS, 2009.

March 2 - 5pm-6pm in 2015 McPherson Lab - Pre-Lecture discussion by Frank DeLucia
March 3-5 Tom Wilson, ALMA, Santiago Chile
Relevant websites: Stars and Habitable Planets and The Outer Planets: A Star is Born

March 9 - 5pm-6pm in 2015 McPherson Lab - Pre-Lecture discussion by Manfred Winnewisser
March 10-12 Stephan Schlemmer, University of Cologne; group page; CV

Grading: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory options: Class attendance and participation

Letter grade option: Class attendance and participation plus term paper

(Grades will be assigned solely by OSU faculty.)  

(3 hours) Call number 5920 for ChemPhys 880.01 (S/U option)

(3 hours) Call number 28805 for ChemPhys 880.02 (graded option)

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